Security and surveillance

Video surveillance, Security, Missing Person Searches and Environmental Monitoring

Aerial video surveillance is represented by the use of

professional drones that can fly long distance with outstanding autonomy; our drones are equipped with sophisticated high-resolution cameras with powerful optical zooms and thermal cameras.

Our surveillance drones can patrol, monitor and inspect buildings, urban areas, coastal patrol, and missing person searches flying in areas of over several kilometres.

List of services:

  1. Guarantees remote detail visibility and recognition
  2. Allows accessibility to critical areas
  3. Provides long range coverage due to the extensive flight autonomy
  4. Allows the use of fully automated missions
  5. Significantly increases the quantity and quality of information in your possession
  6. Rapid take-off process
  7. Boosts speed and efficiency of operations

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Our certifications

In our capacity as Operator/Pilot with Enac no. 3975 and no. 4488 licenses, all our services are subject to compliance with the Remote Piloted Aircraft Regulation and in particular art. 8

Our certifications