Photogrammetry Topography and GIS with Drones

Aerial Photogrammetry with Drones is a technique used to acquire the metric data of any object by means of the acquisition and analysis of a pair of stereometric frames, making it possible to make topographic surveys.

Aerial photography with drones is used to identify the spatial position of points of interest and the recreation of 3D models.

With our 300 RTK MATRIX Drone we produce precision photogrammetry, RTK Centimetre Georeferencing and direct PPK using the most advanced technologies currently available on the market.

Direct georeferencing has enormous rapid payback advantages thanks to the time savings in the field.

Less people and expensive equipment required in the field, more security for mapping work in dangerous or hazardous places.

List of services:

  1. Eliminates costs to ensure safe operating conditions
  2. Reduces occupational accident  risks
  3. No plant downtimes
  4. Returns an otherwise inaccessible view point
  5. Provides real time analyses
  6. Boosts speed and efficiency of operations
  7. Significantly increases the quantity and quality of information in your possession
  8. Enables realistic 3D reconstruction

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Our certifications

In our capacity as Operator/Pilot with Enac no. 3975 and no. 4488 licenses, all our services are subject to compliance with the Remote Piloted Aircraft Regulation and in particular art. 8

Our certifications